Wednesday, August 16, 2017

Out and about in Auckland City

A few weeks I had the pleasure of spending the day with my dear daughter and we went exploring around the older parts of Auckland City.
Walking around you get to see so much more, all the wonderful old buildings I love this architecture so much.

The first I would like to show you is St Andrews Church and the sky and clouds looked ominous and not long after we got caught in a shower of rain. As you can see the Saint Andrews Cross, The Saltire, flag of Scotland is set in the lead light glass windows
The High Court is a lovely old building and the interesting feature of this, is a Prussian Immigrant Anton Teutenberg decorated the building with gargoyles and they are a glorious example of Gothic grotesque. Though common on churches and cathedrals around Europe they are rarely seen in the Antipodes.

Formerly known as the old Arts building the clock tower was designed by Roy Alston Lippincott.
The clock tower helped define the University's architectural spirit combining traditional elements with local decorative motifs, flax flowers, ponga fronds and Kaka can be found in the stone detailing.
It is also known as The Wedding Cake

The old Auckland Club is a nice old building overgrown with Ivy and often think this looks a little spooky

Lastly I like the lines of this building and the soft muted colours
I hope you have enjoyed seeing a little of the architecture around the older parts of the City.
Thanks for the kind visits to my blog and I look forward to coming over to visit you.
Wishing you a happy week

Saturday, August 5, 2017

Happy weekend

August could that be that it came around so quickly.
Life really does seem to go so fast!

 I tried posting some photos of the wonderful old architecture around Auckland City, but for some reason they did not seem to upload.
So I was able to post a few photos taken from around the garden.
The white camellia is blooming, and the dark reddish pansies are such a pretty colour and look like velvet. 

On Wednesday we saw our dear daughter off on her overseas trip.
She arrived in Berlin and is then travelling on to Denmark, Sweden and Finland. She is really excited to be over there visiting these places, as it is somewhere she has always wanted to go to.

We have moved back home and the kitchen is coming along - subway tiles are going up and everything is having a fresh coat of white paint. We are waiting for the electrician to finish some wiring and the plumber to do his thing.
As we do not have the oven working, most of our meals have been cooked on the barbecue, slow cooker or we dine out.  Look forward to sharing some photos soon and what you find with renovations everything seems to take so much longer
Will be so happy when the  tradesmen finish and we can have our house back to ourselves again.
Our new cedar garden shed has replaced a little old tin shed  and is very useful for storing tools and bicycles in

Do hope you have a wonderful weekend.

Sunday, July 23, 2017

Our stay in the City

The historic apartment building, Westminster Court  is where we are staying for our little sojourn.
Located on Parliament street, which is lined with normally leafy oak trees, but with it been winter the trees are bare. We found this apartment via Air Bnb which is a good way to find a home away from home.
The gorgeous grand old Art Deco place was built in the 1930's and upon entering the apartment you are transported back with the decor and retreat to how life may have been back in the day.
 With big old sofas, stained lead light windows and even an old bakerlite phone that is connected and rings in the hallway.

We are loving City life and makes such a change from living on our quiet little Island. It is just a short walk down to the supermarket and the bustling streets of Auckland.

DD and I have been able to catch up for morning coffee on Saturday, lunch's  and go shopping together which is great. We have been for long walks and have taken many photos around our beautiful City of Auckland, and will share them with you soon.

Kitchen is coming along and yesterday we bought the subway tiles to line the walls behind the sink and the oven.

Hope all is well in your neck of the woods and that you are enjoying the weekend.
Wishing you a happy new week ahead.

Wednesday, July 12, 2017

Clos Maggiore

When I read about this Restaurant I knew that it would be a lovely place to dine for my birthday when we were in London, so this is where we went.
Clos Maggiore is situated in a bustling area of London, in Covent Gardens and it was voted London's most romantic restaurant.
What was funny on the day we thought we had another hour to get ready and then my husband said it was 11.45 and we had a table reservation for 1pm. So it was a mad dash to get dressed and out the door to make our way across the City.

Our table was in the conservatory ( where it is the best place to be) it is really beautiful with pretty white cherry blossom everywhere and with a glass roof, creating a light and airy dining space.
The food was delicious of a French and Tuscan style and the service from the  friendly and competent staff was exceptional.
This really was a romantic and charming Restaurant and I had the best birthday, because who doesn't like to drink champagne, taste delicious food and dress up in a pretty dress.

  The pappardelle pasta with mushrooms was so good

Yesterday the builders were back to do a demolition job on our kitchen.
The past few days we have been packing the entire kitchen, food, utensils, pots and pans in boxes to store until the new kitchen can be installed on Monday, so that is why I have not had time to sit down at the computer. It was a good time to do a big clean out and a lot of things went in the rubbish - like herbs and spices that were past there best by date.
Today we are moving out to stay in an apartment in the City for a couple of weeks while the work is taking place. Look forward to getting away from the noise of hammering, sawing and dust.

Do hope all is well with you and I look forward to coming to see how you are.

Friday, June 23, 2017

First stop London

Our adventure began in London, arriving there at 5 am a little bleary-eyed and still feeling tired, we caught the Heathrow Express into the City. You don't know how good it was to be back on terra firma again!
The Shard was where we booked in to spend the first night and as the room was not ready we left our luggage with the Concierge and went to the Restaurant for some breakfast. This was the view we looked out on.

 From the staff recommendation they suggested we take a visit to the Borough Market which is down the road - you can see the top of the Shard in the background
 What a wonderful place to go and have a look around, the fruit, vegetables, sweets and produce looked so fresh and how lucky to be able to do your weekly shop here. 
Freshly baked bread, yum!
For those with a sweet tooth

Buying some fresh fruit there, we walked across the London Bridge and stopped in at a little pub for lunch at the Barrowboy and Banker.
 Now it is with sadness when we think what happened three weeks later at this place, when we heard on the news of the disaster, terror and tragedy that occurred there.
It brings tears to your eyes, all that is going on around the world.
Life and travel has changed so much

Our room was on the 43rd floor and having a room with this view was very special.

thank you for the welcome home notes, I really appreciate your kindness and friendship.
I am getting over jet lag and lack and lack of sleep. With the different time zone for the first week we were waking up at 3 or 4 am which can leave you tired for the next day.
Looking forward to coming over to say hello.

Have a happy weekend

Friday, June 16, 2017

So glad to be back home again

Hello dear friends,
Hope all is well with you all and I look forward to coming over to see how you are doing

Having got back from a very happy holiday and still feeling a little jet lagged, want to say thank you very much for the kind wishes you sent me.
We flew with Qatar Airlines, and had a good experience, but the 28 hour trip is a long, long time with a small stop over in Doha.
Here are a few photos taken inside the airport as we walked to catch our flight on to London
the dinosaur moved and made a noise
the teddy bear installation was huge

I took hundreds of photos on our trip so until I get the chance to sort through them and share a few with you,  will show you a few gorgeous flowers that were taken at the Biarritz Saturday morning market.

Wishing you a wonderful weekend

Tuesday, May 9, 2017

Celebrating a momentous birthday!

Hello and a happy week to you all.
The sun is shinning so I am happy and we have builders working on our home. They are knocking out two windows and part of the wall to put in the new bi-fold doors which will lead out from the kitchen onto the deck. Already I am loving how much more light and sunshine is streaming through.
I don't mind the sound of a hammer or circular saw, as it will be great to have the work done. 
Will leave you with a few photos taken recently.

 I adore Scottish terriers and DD kindly painted this little beauty for me and can't wait to get him hung up on the wall. Looks like a McTavish
the pretty bouquet of flowers my dear son gave me

There has been much going on here, I just celebrated my big birthday! the actual birth date is the 16th of May. We had a lovely party at Tantalus Estate, for family and friends a couple of weeks back. The theme was the 1920's so a lot of fun seeing everyone dressed up in their glamorous clothes. The flowers on the table were from the 'Flower Gallery' in my favourite colours and they were gorgeous. Roses, hydrangeas and freesias, to name a few.
The venue was lovely and if you can see the light fitting above - it was made from the prunings of the grape vines.
 A two piece Jazz band was playing fabulous ambient music in the background
Bluebells Cakery made the beautiful cake ~ too pretty to eat
Thank you my dear for putting on such a wonderful party!

I will be taking a break my DH is taking me away for a holiday, so getting very excited about that and lots to do before we go. One of the things we will be doing is taking the Orient Express to Venice.

Hope all is well in your neck of the woods and will be over to say hello soon.
Thanks for all the kind visits and notes you leave for me, so grateful for your friendship and all you share. 
Wishing you a happy week